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36044Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Raven-Dixon double act

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  • Margaret A
    Nov 22, 2006
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      Dear list members,

      I think there is a lot of over reaction here particularly from Bob. However,
      I also find a lot of Roger Raven's contributions on this list obnoxious.

      Everyone involved should re-focus on contructive political discussion and
      get past ridiculous name calling.
      Bob Gould himself is no stranger to labelling and negative political
      characterisations without basis.

      I also find it completely bizarre that Gould is so obsessed by the notion
      that Roger Raven is some sort of constructed cyber identity and not a real
      person and that somehow the DSP are behind this.

      I agree with Mike K's recent sentiments:

      Mike K:
      "I agree that discussion should be kept political. Calling someone an
      'agent provocateur' should definitely off-limits around here, and
      Margaret did make that quite clear. However, I'm not sure there's much
      point trying to force Raven to 'withdraw' the slander. He is someone who
      very much speaks for himself, despite Bob's ongoing and strange delusion
      that he is an invention of the DSP. Roger Raven has actually spent a
      great deal of time on the list using the most disparaging possible
      characterisations of the DSP, in case you hadn't noticed Bob, generally
      relegating what he calls 'the left' in general, in which he specifically
      includes the DSP, as more or less useless and bereft of ideas. I don't
      think any serious list member takes him the slightest bit seriously when
      he calls you an 'agent provocateur', whatever else they might think of
      your political views. It mainly reflects badly on him. For the record
      however I agree he should withdraw it and cease using that kind of
      language." MK

      I think that we can move on and discuss the real issues at hand, and there
      no compulsion for anyone to be a part of this list if they feel that they
      cannot do this.

      Margaret A
      moderator, GL discussion list,___

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