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36031Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Raven-Dixon double act

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  • Duncan Meerding
    Nov 21, 2006
      did you read my post yester day bob? Speaking of backing up claims..... are you going to back up any of yours?

      This is not a cyber entity. And I am not under the control, through some mind controlling device by the DSP leadership, oh that one hurt, there goes another electric brain waive from the DSP national office, sorry oh leaders.

      People may take you a bit more seriously, if you

      1. stop taking everything to have a secreet message and
      2. Back up some claims.
      I can not see how you see Mike karadjis's post as insulting, we in the DSP can not win, we agree with youon an issue, and there must be some secret message, re read Mike Karadjis's message.


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      From: bobgould987
      To: GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 1:02 PM
      Subject: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Raven-Dixon double act

      Gould is not a provocateur, for the record, indeed

      A note to Mike Karadjis and Margaret, the moderator.

      Mike, I find your little post this morning insulting and diversionary.
      You say, for the record, I'm not a provocateur, which leaves open the
      question of what you might think in private. What a gratuitous insult.

      You then say there's not much the moderator can do about Raven's
      slander. Margaret did say a week or two ago that she would get a
      retraction out of the man or woman who uses the name Roger Raven.

      Given the seriousness of the accusation against me, it's not
      unreasonable to ask what has been done about getting a retraction.

      A half-smart response from Mike Karadjis is not adequate.

      I repeat my request to Margaret, the moderator, that she tell me what
      has been done to get a retraction, and I believe I'm within my rights
      to ask whether this person who is slandering me is doing so in his own
      name or under a pseudonym. Margaret should know, as moderator, whether
      Roger Raven is a real name or a pseudonym.

      If it's a real name, I intend to pursue Mr Raven as vigorously as I
      can to get a retraction. If it's a pseudonym I intend to find out who
      it is so I can pursue the person for a retraction.

      I expect a reasonably prompt response from the moderator.

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