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34433Re: ALP's Tree of Knowledge officially dead

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  • dave_r_riley
    Oct 5, 2006
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      The tree was poisoned I gather by persons unknown but as an
      indication of how far the Labor Party has shifted.... Hawke marked the
      trees 100th year relevance with a special visitation during his reign
      but what is not so often noted is that at the same time those being
      forced to clean up the park -- while Labor ruled in Qld -- were
      convicts from a local prison farm as part of a work gang.

      I thought it rather ironic. But then that's me being warped...and
      sectarian , of course....

      Let history judge....

      From Wikipedia:

      Many union shearers were outraged when Logan Downs Station Manager
      Charles Fairbain asked the shearers to sign a contract that would
      reduce the power of their union. On January 5, 1891 the shearers
      announced a strike until their demands for a contract ensuring the

      * continuation of existing rates of pay
      * protection of workers rights and privledges
      * just and equitable agreements
      * exclusion of low-cost chinese labour (which manifest itself
      later as Labor Party policy - the Immigration Restriction Act, also
      known as the White Australia Policy)
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