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34427Re: ALP's Tree of Knowledge officially dead

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  • alanb1000
    Oct 5, 2006
      Bob Gould wrote:
      > I've just noticed NSW Socialist Alliance convenor Duroyan Fertl's
      > post,without comment, of a media report celebrating the death of the
      > Tree of Knowledge at Barcaldine.
      > In the absence of comment and taking into account his identification
      > of himself as the Socialist Alliance honcho, he seems to be
      > celebrating the death of the tree as a kind of allegory for what he
      > considers the death of Laborism in Queensland.
      > What a dopey view that is.

      Indeed, what a dopey view this is. Bob's I mean.

      The article doesn't "celebrate" the death of the tree at all. It
      presents it as what it is - the end of a historically significant

      Bob's interpretation of Duroyan's motives is, of course, entirely

      If anyone wants to read the original post, it is here:

      Alan Bradley
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