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34232Hey Bob! What you got to say about Qld ALP racism?

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  • dave_r_riley
    Oct 1, 2006
      Since this list's resident ALP apologist hides from any hard challenge
      I thought I'd give him a clear invite to come forth and cover Peter
      Beattie's arse.

      And you are, Bob Gould... you are a disgusting and sycophantic
      apologist for the ALP -- as mindful and duplicitous as any registered
      right winger in that party w you call your own. And then you have the
      nerve to come to this list and preach you coarse shibboleths.

      Let's take a sample of the ALP in action shall we? -- from The World
      Today, last Thursday:


      Tell me, Dear Bobbie Gould where the approach of the ALP differs one
      iota from that of the Bjelke Petersen government in regard to the
      state's indigenous community?

      I, listening, Bobbie Gould.... We all are....

      We are waiting on your reply, Comrade Apologist Gould.(But please
      note: Bob Gould would cheer squad for Adolf Hitler if he were an ALP
      member. Silence you see will tell us heaps ..and Bob,you see, will be
      silent and play mum as he picks his fights when he knows when he is at
      a disadvantage and when he cannot turn on is standard mantra about the
      sectarians-- the DSP and the SA -- to his left -- well to his left!
      .)But that doesn't effect Bobbie Gould one bit because he argues that
      what the Socialist Alliance did at the state election just past was an
      exercise in sectarianism as it chose -- for chissake! It chose!-- to
      run a Murri against Peter Beattie -- "Saint Peter" to our Bob -- and
      raise -- the fuckin' nerve of it! -- indigenous issues in the campaign
      when (get this Mr Apologist) -- NO OTHER formation did.Not even his
      side kick's -- Watermelon Ed's -- precious Greens.

      From The World Today, last Thursday:

      PETER CAVE: Less than 24 hours after a Queensland Coroner recommended
      sweeping changes to policing in Indigenous communities, the Beattie
      Government has already effectively rejected some of the suggested changes.

      Christine Clements found that Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley bashed a
      man known as Mulrunji to death in the watch-house on Palm Island in
      far north Queensland.

      But despite that damning report, Queensland's Police Commissioner says
      he sees no reason to suspend the policeman. And Queensland's Police
      Minister says some of the Coroner's recommendations are not workable. ....

      SAM WATSON: Well, this is unfortunately Queensland pre-Fitzgerald
      revisited. I mean, the language of the police union and the attitude
      of the Police Minister indicate that the Queensland Government seems
      to be closing ranks behind Chris Hurley.

      And we're saying, please don't do this, that the Queensland police
      service has made enormous steps to rejuvenate... you know, to win back
      public confidence, public support.

      So please don't go back to the bad old days of pre-Fitzgerald. Please
      accept the findings of the Coroner, accept the process that's now been
      put in place.


      And if Bob would like to take some time to review the material on this
      maybe he should read the coroner's report
      that his party, the one to which he offers his unconditional and
      uncritical & most slavish loyalty -- has chosen to denigrate.

      dave riley
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