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33900Queensland election wrap-up

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  • bobgould987
    Sep 19, 2006
      By Bob Gould

      Dave Riley's absurdist "analysis" of the Queensland election in the
      latest Green Left Weekly confirms that the failure to comment in GLW
      immediately after the election was political rather than technical.

      Like a bourgeois commentator, Riley treats the massive vote for Labor
      as politically inexplicable. He can't even bring himself to mention
      the dramatic role played by support for Labor based on opposition to
      Howard's anti-union laws.

      He doesn't even mention the swing to Labor in provincial industrial
      centres. For Riley, the only significant points are the Socialist
      Alliance vote and the 2 per cent swing to the Greens.

      For the rest, the more class-conscious half of the electorate that
      voted Labor is treated implicitly as foolish and misguided. Riley
      still holds out hope that these foolish people may see the light and
      vote for the Socialist Alliance at some time in the future. Fat chance.

      In fact, the 1.8 per cent or so vote for the Socialist Alliance with a
      high-profile indigenous candidate actually represents a dramatic drop
      on the previous election because, as Riley himself blurts out in
      passing, in the previous election an indigenous independent candidate
      in the same seat got 1.3 per cent of the vote. The indigenous
      candidate from that election supported Sam Watson in this latest
      election, so it is likely that the 1.3 per cent indigenous vote in the
      area transferred to the Socialist Alliance. Taking away that
      indigenous vote, it looks like the Socialist Alliance contributed just
      0.5 per cent to Watson's vote.

      Anyway, it's back to business for the DSP leadership. More scolding
      scoundrel chatter about crimes of the Labor leadership and preparation
      for a hastily organised Socialist Alliance national conference, the
      keynote of which is exposing both major political parties in the next
      round of elections.

      It's pretty clear that the Socialist Alliance conference is intended
      to increase the pressure on the opposition in the DSP, whose reasoned
      internal critique of the whirling dervish activity of the Boyle
      leadership seems to be driving the leadership to further bursts of

      I feel a bit sorry for all the inhabitants of the DSP, the internal
      situation of which is now so tense and hysterical. It's quite obvious
      that the hastily convened Socialist Alliance conference doesn't have
      much to do with developments in national or international politics,
      and everything to do with the internal situation in the DSP.

      Coolly considered, it's rather bizarre to drag the members of an
      ostensibly national organisation to Geelong for a national conference.

      Politics is the science of perspective and Riley's meandering alleged
      analysis of the Queensland elections, essentially attacking that
      state's working class for their lack of understanding in re-electing
      Labor, and the histrionic tone of the call for the Socialist Alliance
      conference, both underline the complete lack of realistic political
      perspectives among the Boyle leadership of the DSP.

      On a more personal note, there is a curious cyber-construct on the DSP
      list called Roger Raven. It looks like he's not a real person, but one
      of the cyber-constructs that infest the web. This construct has
      learned exchanges with Boyleite leaders in which he disagrees a bit
      with the DSP in a nice way, and praises the DSP leaders for their
      erudition, etc, etc.

      Now and then this construct is wheeled out to throw shit at me, and in
      the heat of the exchange last week he hurled a Stalinist slander I
      haven't heard for 30 years: that Bob Gould is a hardened right-wing
      provocateur. If this Raven wasn't a cyber-construct he could easily
      indicate that he has good reason for concealing his identity and at
      least the politic direction from which he's coming: whether he's some
      sort of socialist, Green, etc.

      He never does that, and in the absence of a political indication as to
      where Raven is coming from, the strong probability is that he's a
      cyber-construct, and as with all such constructs, one must ask who

      I've also copped a bit of abuse this week, which is hardly new for me,
      from Tognolini the clown. He whinges that my attacks on him are too
      harsh. Gee whiz. After all, he has been attacking me since way back
      when, and I've just defended myself.

      He also confuses himself and the DSP leadership with "the left", and
      accuses me of always attacking "the left". That's megalomania of an
      extreme kind.

      Tognolini keeps throwing round a quote that he alleges is from the
      courageous African-American leader Malcolm X: "If you're not part of
      the solution you're part of the problem."

      Tognolini the clown makes his use of this phrase directly personal to
      me. Well, perhaps all African-Americans look the same to Tognolini.
      The courageous Malcolm X didn't say that, but Eldridge Cleaver, who is
      a quite different kettle of fish. Cleaver was initially a flamboyant
      ultraleft who proclaimed that raping white women was a revolutlionary
      act. Later he made his peace with US imperialism, got evangelical
      Christian religion and ran for office as a right-wing Republican. At
      one stage in his curious evolution he made a widely publicised living
      manufacturing codpieces.

      Tognolini the clown is so reckless in his verbal torrents that he
      doesn't know the difference between Malcolm X and Eldridge Cleaver.
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