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31220Re: DSP lurches towards a split

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  • robertojorquera
    Jul 9, 2006
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      > No. In my report I said that there was a split trajectory in the way
      > LPF was operating. The recent resignation of six comrades in Victoria
      > from the DSP, all of whom were members of the LPF, confirms that,
      > this is true.

      These comments by comrade Peter does not clarify the situation. I
      think to say that the LPF had a split trajectory in the way it was
      operating implies that the LPF was organising a split or planning to
      split the DSP. Whilst i was in the DSP i played a leading role in the
      LPF which never had this goal in mind. The LPF was always clear that
      it wanted to have the debate out in the DSP and try to convince the
      majority of its political line. The LPF always made it clear that it
      wanted to win the debate in the DSP and not engage in a discussion
      about wheather it should split.

      The key question is not what happens in the DSP the key is how the
      revolutionary forces in Australia are able to politically debate in a
      constructive way and look at possible fronts for unity rather than
      concentrating on our differences. With increased unity in struggle
      amongst all left and progressive activists we will be able to move
      forward and start to combat the real enemy.
      Roberto Jorquera
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