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31171Re: DSP lurches towards a split

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  • Marcus Ström
    Jul 7, 2006
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      In the full article Bob writes:

      "Some things I have seen, in my considered opinion, should not have been committed to
      paper at all, and should be discussed privately, which is where a certain duty of care
      comes in. Marcus Strom's schema about total public disclosure wouldn't work in this kind
      of situation."

      This is a total misrepresentation of my political method.

      Bob should take more care to read what people actually write.

      I challenge Bob to show one example of where I have called for "total public disclosure".
      Even Nick Fredman has a more subtle understanding of my approach than does Bob.

      In fact, in my last post to this list I wrote: "The Comintern quote you [Nick Fredman] give is
      just common sense. If you have a disagreement, take it to your party cell or branch first;
      don't rush into the public domain immediately. Public debate should be held at the highest
      possible theoretical and practical level - the party press should not be a noticeboard for
      the minor gripes of individual party members."

      A retraction would be welcome.


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