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31068Re: Labor Tribune on DSP split

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  • bobgould987
    Jul 4, 2006
      By Bob Gould

      In a relatively friendly exchange with Marcus Strom, Boyle appeals to
      Marcus to back up the DSP leadership's dubious figures, against Bob
      Gould's estimates, about the size of the June 28 rallies.

      Boyle is obviously a bit stung by my analysis of the June 28 trade
      union mobilisation, which points out that the DSP leadership carefully
      talks up the numbers in Geelong and Melbourne and talks them down in

      Boyle appears not to be very good at remembering what he, or the DSP,
      said yesterday, or the day before. To sound scientific he says the DSP
      had two counters on a bridge, one of whom counted 11,000 or so at
      Blacktown and the other of whom counted 13,500 or so.

      Firstly, did they notice that the march was so long that after a
      fairly long route it arrived back at at its starting point while the
      tail end was still leaving the park?

      Secondly, the DSP's own reporter is quoted in Green Left as saying
      Blacktown drew upwards of 20,000. Was that reporter out of the loop
      with Boyle's alleged counters? Even the police said 20,000 and one of
      the bourgeois media said 50,000.

      Boyle is clearly talking the size down, and given that his alleged
      counters' figures contradict the DSP's own report in Green Left by
      about 50 per cent, he's clearly deliberately talking the size down to
      justify his hype, which is partly directed at battering the DSP
      internal opposition into the ground, politically speaking.

      Further to this point, what scientific methods of counting were used
      to arrive at the rather fantastically high figures for Geelong on June
      28 and some months ago?

      What scientific methods were used to count the Melbourne protests?

      A word of caution to Marcus: on the basis of getting to know Boyle a
      bit over the past three or four years, particularly from his
      intemperate and abusive writings on the net, and having watched, in a
      fascinated external way, him organising his palace coup in the DSP,
      I've learned to be very, very cautious with him. Boyle smiles, in the
      way that he no doubt smiled at John Percy for years, but it's very
      unwise to be lulled into any amiability towards him, politically speaking.
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