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31059Re: Labor Tribune on DSP split

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  • Marcus Ström
    Jul 3, 2006

      Your organisation is not "allegedly" closed. It is closed on your own
      account. Minorities are gagged, as a rule, from actually saying in
      public what they believe: and not on questions of tactical nuance,
      but on matter such as the class nature of the Chinese state!

      This you said on this list: "The DSP has not decided that the
      Leninist Party Faction is free to put forward its perspective on this
      discussion list."

      The permanent gag on minorities causes splits. The proof is in the

      How do I know if you are in the minority or the majority on an
      [theoretical or strategic] issue? How do I know if you are actually
      saying what you think?

      Bit odd, innit.

      You're free to choose this method of work, just don't try to pretend
      that it is Leninist or Marxist, cause it clearly is something else.

      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, Peter Boyle <peterb@...>
      > Marcus Ström wrote:
      > > Democratic Socialist Perspectives splits
      > >
      > > Marcus Strom calls for open debate and disciplined unity in the
      > > movement, not sect intrigue and split fever.
      > >
      > >

      > >
      > And please remember that you found out about this article through
      > Green Left discussion list, set and organised by members of the
      > allegedly closed, sectarian and inward-looking DSP. Intriguing.
      > Feverishly,
      > Peter Boyle
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