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27960Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Socialist electoral tactics and the SA and Tasmanian elections

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  • grok@resist.ca
    Mar 20, 2006
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      > "bobgould987" wrote:
      > > This is all the more interesting in the face of the fact
      > > that couple of years ago, when the Alliance ran a
      > > medical doctor, who they made into a high-profile
      > > candidate by intelligently taking advantage of her
      > > professional status in a number of agitations, they got
      > > an extraordinarily high vote (the CPA in the long past
      > > was often capable of achieving a fairly exceptional vote
      > > when they ran a doctor, such as GP O'Dea, or lawyers
      > > such as Max Julius and Fred Patterson).
      > The DSP received a couple of decent votes in Brisbane in
      > the early 90s for a particular candidate. Then she left
      > town and her replacement's vote vanished off the map as
      > usual.
      > Candidates can make a difference in numbers of votes. Of
      > course, they probably don't make any difference in terms
      > of the reasons why socialists would want to run in the
      > first place. But then, if at some level you aren't running
      > to win, you aren't running seriously.

      This is SERIOUSLY, seriously flawed logic -- and the logic
      behind much of the Left's disaster since before even WWI.
      Doesn't matter how you qualify it with "at some level", etc.

      There's a REASON why votes cast for such socialist
      candidates swing so wildly (and this is a very good example
      above, isn't it?): these socialist groups make the
      strategic, fundamental mistake of running those candidates
      almost totally on the basis of seeking out some 'normative'
      - -- easy -- acceptance of their candidate (forget about the
      party line) in terms of [petit-]bourgeois standards of
      prestige, 'electability', etc. This, in fact, is the idiot,
      conniving, opportunist logic of social-democracy and
      business unionism, which we've all (supposedly) grown to
      know and loathe from bitter experience.

      And you want to do it all over again, eh? (However you
      qualify it?)

      Have you learned *ABSOLUTELY NOTHING* your entire life,

      As always: the proper way for the workers' parties to
      approach bourgeois democracy is by running TO INFLUENCE THE
      MASSES ONLY. "Winning" a seat in a bourgeois parliament is
      just a bonus -- and ONLY proof that you are influencing
      those masses you are *constantly* working among, 365 days a
      year -- and not just 6 weex every 4-5 years, etc. when _you_
      are looking for something for yourself, so that you pretty
      much *have* to play to the lowest-common denominator by that

      Fact is: you keep your eye on the prize, komrad: *social
      revolution* -- and by ANY means necessary too -- not just
      bourgeois parliamentary; that's just STOPGAP stuff until we
      get our REAL peoples' democracy. It's just the field of
      battle chosen by the enemy whose game we are still
      necessarily plaaying for a while... And you make DAMNED sure
      your "parliamentary representatives" don't get hypnotized by
      the siren song of power and privilege while they're inside
      that den of thieves.

      - -- grok.

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