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27957Re: Socialist electoral tactics and the SA and Tasmanian elections

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  • alanb1000
    Mar 20, 2006
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      "bobgould987" wrote:
      > This is all the more interesting in the face of the fact
      > that couple of years ago, when the Alliance ran a medical
      > doctor, who they made into a high-profile candidate by
      > intelligently taking advantage of her professional status
      > in a number of agitations, they got an extraordinarily
      > high vote (the CPA in the long past was often capable of
      > achieving a fairly exceptional vote when they ran a doctor,
      > such as GP O'Dea, or lawyers such as Max Julius and Fred
      > Patterson).

      The DSP received a couple of decent votes in Brisbane in the early 90s
      for a particular candidate. Then she left town and her replacement's
      vote vanished off the map as usual.

      Candidates can make a difference in numbers of votes. Of course, they
      probably don't make any difference in terms of the reasons why
      socialists would want to run in the first place. But then, if at some
      level you aren't running to win, you aren't running seriously.
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