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27406Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] The case of the disappearing Green Left Weekly article

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  • Rohan
    Mar 7, 2006
      > The oddest thing of all is the case of the disappearing GLW article.
      > It is clear on the GLW website for all to see that an article was
      > written about the Unions NSW demonstration against Howard's hoop-la in
      > Sydney, and possibly even about the Socialist Party organised
      > demonstration in Melbourne against the 10-year anniversary, but then
      > spiked for some reason.
      > On the website the article appears, with most of the text blotted out
      > by a picture. In the paper copy of Green Left Weekly the article has
      > been removed completely. This raises the question, why was the article
      > spiked?

      Actually that's just how it looks on your computer. It's fine on mine.
      It was a short article with a picture, which is just how it appears on
      page 6 of the paper.

      > I have no overarching theory about what led to the spiking of the
      > article. There are several possibilities. The most obvious one is that
      > written coverage of either the Sydney or Melbourne demonstration was
      > of little use to the new DSP leadership because it undermined their
      > dotty pretensions to being the centre of the universe on the left. I'd
      > love to read the spiked article, and I suggest to the Green Left
      > editorial board that the article should be posted on the discussion
      > site to clarify the historical record.

      See above. Aritcle in paper. Article on website. This is loopy paranoid
      stuff Bob.

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