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27405The case of the disappearing Green Left Weekly article

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  • bobgould987
    Mar 7, 2006
      Why Green Left very rarely says anything good about Labor or
      Laborites, Unions NSW, or factional opponents like the Socialist Party

      By Bob Gould

      DSP cyberspace whirling dervish GLW Parramatta will report almost
      anything hostile to the Labor Party and even to rank-and-file
      Laborites. Even if it's a report from a tadpole in woop woop, so to
      speak, GLW Parramatta will eagerly spam it to the Green Left
      discussion list.

      A recent example was an excited report about three conservative
      Queensland ALP backbenchers attacking multiculturalism. GLW Parramatta
      failed to report the subsequent development, that Labor Premier Peter
      Beattie strenuously opposed this attack on multiculturalism, and the
      Queensland Labor Party parliamentary caucus rejected the position of
      the three ALP backbenchers.

      Such selective reporting is par for the course for GLW Parramatta:
      present the position of three conservatives as though it is the
      position of the whole of the ALP, and ignore the internal dynamics of
      the conflict over such questions when they don't favour the DSP's
      cracked schema that the ALP is a homogenous reactionary mass.

      Today there are press reports that the Iemma Labor government in NSW,
      by legislation, has confronted Howard's reactionary new labour laws,
      transferring public-sector workers to crown employee status. It has
      also made contracts subject to review by the NSW Industrial
      Commission, which makes state awards the benchmark for the
      no-disadvantage test for those contracts. GLW Parramatta doesn't seem
      to have noticed this major development, which obstructs the
      implementation of Howard's anti-union legislation in a very serious way.

      The oddest thing of all is the case of the disappearing GLW article.
      It is clear on the GLW website for all to see that an article was
      written about the Unions NSW demonstration against Howard's hoop-la in
      Sydney, and possibly even about the Socialist Party organised
      demonstration in Melbourne against the 10-year anniversary, but then
      spiked for some reason.

      On the website the article appears, with most of the text blotted out
      by a picture. In the paper copy of Green Left Weekly the article has
      been removed completely. This raises the question, why was the article

      I have no overarching theory about what led to the spiking of the
      article. There are several possibilities. The most obvious one is that
      written coverage of either the Sydney or Melbourne demonstration was
      of little use to the new DSP leadership because it undermined their
      dotty pretensions to being the centre of the universe on the left. I'd
      love to read the spiked article, and I suggest to the Green Left
      editorial board that the article should be posted on the discussion
      site to clarify the historical record.
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