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25416[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: The DSP and the Third Period

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  • srcsra@scu.edu.au
    Jan 18, 2006
      Further on the discussion about tactics of independently organised socialists towards the ALP and the "Third
      Period" of Stalinist tactics towards social democracy, Bob Gould argued people should read Trotsky on the
      struggle against fascism in Germany, the key issue in the period of Stalinist sectarianism (1928-1933). That's
      a great suggestion, I for one have got a pamphlet of it reprinted by the DSP. I retorted that people should also
      study Trotsky on the "second" period, 1925-1928 (I think the periodisation is originally by Trotsky, is that
      right?), and what I've just decided to call the "fourth period", 1933-present (Trotsky only covering up to 1940 of
      course), in which Moscow-line Stalinist forces and their current remnants, have generally adopted opportunist,
      tail-ending if not downright reformist stances towards social democracy, to get a fuller picture of the possible
      errors of revolutionary socialists towards social democracy than Bob ever presents.

      On the Spanish revolution, a key event in relation to Stalinist opportunism, I'd also recommend Felix Marlow's
      /Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Spain/, George Orwell's /Homage to Catalonia/, and the more liberal but
      still factually useful /The Spanish Cockpit/ by Franz Borkenau.

      Much of this is available in hardcopy at Resistance Bookshops, from which you can order online at http://
      www.resistancebooks.org . For those with plenty of printer toner or who can handle reading a lot on screen all
      the Trosksy stuff is at http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/ and the Morrow at www.marxists.org/archive/
      morrow-felix/ 1938/revolution-spain
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