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25285Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: the left in the Labor Party

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  • Peter Perkins
    Jan 15, 2006
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      This sounds all a bit hypocritical since I remember you pushing the Latham
      barrow before Labor´s last national election defeat. You even argued on this
      list that left groups such as the DSP should support Latham as leader.

      I´m sure that today in hidesite we will see no apologies from you, yet you
      continue the mudslinging at those who could, and still do, see through Latham
      and the whole Labor project.

      Where is your support for Latham now?

      Peter Perkins

      On Sunday 15 Jan 2006 23:32, bobgould987 wrote:
      > By Bob Gould
      > Dale Mills reckons he has never met a left-wing Labor Party member,
      > and asks someone to name some prominent Laborites who are on the left.
      > I'm a bit thrown by the question, and its form. I know Dale Mills a
      > bit, he's a pleasant bloke, a lawyer by trade and he has been around
      > the DSP, off and on, for 20 years or so.
      > Alan Bradley's reply to Dale, while a bit summary, is adequate, but a
      > more lengthy discussion of his question in the new mood of sensible
      > discussion and amity may be educational.
      > A couple of days ago, John Tognolini quoted Mark Latham as an
      > authority saying that there were only 7000 active members of the Labor
      > Party nationally. It's worth remembering that the DSP leadership
      > didn't want to have a bar of Latham while he was leading the ALP and
      > pushing generally to the left, but now that he says the labour
      > movement is finished they like him.
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