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  • bobgould987
    Jan 10, 2006
      By Bob Gould

      My comrade Ed Lewis and I have different styles, some political
      differences, different short-term strategic orientations, and our
      experience of political life on the left has also been different. In
      Ed's case, he spent upwards of 20 years of his life in the DSP, so his
      rather pithy view of life in the DSP is informed by lengthy experience
      in that organisation.

      Despite the constant attempts by Norm Dixon to equate the left outside
      the Labor Party totally with the DSP, Dixon's position on this point
      is nonsense.

      Personally, I don't regard the project of socialists who operate
      outside the Labor Party as illegitimate at all. Whether or not
      socialists should join the Labor Party or the Greens, or work
      independently, or some combination of all three, is obviously up for
      discussion at the moment.

      The activities of socialists outside the Labor Party is not what I
      object to. What I do insist on, however, is the need for a strategic
      united front orientation of any socialists who are halfway sane,
      towards the Labor Party, the trade unions and the Greens. That is at
      the core of my now rather long-running argument over the past five or
      six years with the DSP leadership.

      The Third Period inclinations of the DSP leadership have now
      crystallised in the new Boyle leadership of the DSP, of which Norm
      Dixon is part.

      Full article: http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/fredmanreply.html
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