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24722from John/Togs Tognolini-In reply to Bob Gould

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  • John Tognolini
    Dec 29, 2005
      I’m not going to into what Bob has said about me, but it’s nice to be in the good company of my Comrades Dave Riley, Norm Dixon and Alex Miller featured on Bob’s website Ozleft. Like Alex and Norm, our comments on Bob’s politics don’t appear on Ozleft, even though we are attacked on it.
      But Bob let look at the arguments I put to you, here they are again;
        "...let’s get back to Lenin Bob, do you support the labor party like a rope supports a hanging man? In the ALP’s case it is a ripe carcass that is rather whiffy, so don’t complain to me if the flies are buzzing around you for being a member, and even worse advocating for Marxists to join this maggot ridden, opportunist corpse.
      On the legal challenge to Howard’s IR Laws, I don’t hold my breath on it winning, at best in can stall Howard’s IR Laws coming into action to the 2007 election. But even if the ALP wins the next election and Howard looses office, the ALP won’t have control of the senate. Nor will it win its court case.
      No I’m not a lawyer and like Tim Gooden who has advocated making Geelong an AWA free city, I’m in favour of campaigning for the Blue Mountains where I live and in Education where I work to be AWA free zones.
      It puts your mate Comrade Morris Iemma in a bind doesn’t it?
      As I said before he has taken funding from Howard for TAFE on the basis of AWA’s being offered to my fellow teachers in TAFE, doesn’t this undermine his court challenge Bob?".
      On another point Bob why has the ALP leadership at both the federal and state level refused to oppose AWA’s?
      On your attacks on the DSP Bob, I can quote these lines from George Orwell about all my comrades in the DSP debate you love commenting on;
      "If you have embraced a creed which appears to be free from the ordinary dirtiness of politics - a creed from which you yourself cannot expect to draw any material advantage - surely that proves that you are in the right?".
      Can you say that about your Comrades in your party, the ALP?
      John/Togs Tognolini

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