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24721Re: The struggle in the DSP

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  • alanb1000
    Dec 29, 2005
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      "bill" wrote:
      > Can anyone tell me what will happen if the DSP changes its current
      > leadership to the so called Boyle faction?

      The "Boyle faction" consists of the majority of the current leadership.
      So there'll be no change there.

      It's likely that most of the supporters of the minority view who are in
      the current leadership will be re-elected, too, so there won't be much
      change there either.

      Some individuals may swap in or out, but the core leadership team will
      be unchanged.

      Now... it is notionally possible that some people may drop out even
      after being re-elected. That's regrettably common. But it seems
      unlikely in the case of the core supporters of the present minority.
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