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24681Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] The struggle in the DSP

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  • bill
    Dec 27, 2005
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      Hi everyone,
      With all the recent resignations from the SA and greenleft/DSP & the added financial troubles lately, is there any viable future within these groups? The entire left is falling apart when it is now the time to show strength, unity & commraderie in the face of Howard's conservatist government. Unfortunately the knowledge and experience that most people on this list possess, does not  go a long way in gaining support from the true working class (not just the union hierachy) Employees are now looking past the Labour Party for a true workers party, and they are slowly realising that the Greens are the only alternative at this time. I wonder why that is?
      ps. Bring on the normal DSP onslaught....
      Bill Weller
      Greens candidate for the South Australian seat of Reynell
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