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24644Another hot Christmas for the Australian left

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  • Ed Lewis
    Dec 25, 2005
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      By Bob Gould

      This is the third holiday season when rather harsh discussion has
      erupted on the Green Left discussion list between myself and Ed Lewis
      on the one hand and DSP leadership loyalists on the other. Possibly,
      the heat of these exchanges has a partly climatic aspect. We're in the
      midst of the traditional Christmas heatwave, and so it has been for
      the past three years.

      Of course, this year the tension is heightened by the countdown to the
      DSP conference, which will decide the future of the DSP as a
      formation, rather spectacularly.

      On the Green Left discussion list, Kim Bullimore, Norm Dixon, and now
      John Tognolini, froth at the mouth about Ozleft being a gossip site
      and Dixon introduces the rather novel idea that Bob Gould is
      cyberstalking the DSP. Wow! Apparently it's all right for the DSP
      leadership's Boyle faction to put the verbal boot into everyone else
      in the workers' movement in an unbridled way, but the relatively
      careful and cautious comment on the Ozleft site about developments in
      the DSP is somehow illegitimate.

      Leading figures in the Boyle faction behave like kings of old. They
      have a clear concept of lese majeste: they can do or say anything, but
      comment by any other socialist on their schemes and activities is vile

      Full: http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/hotxmas.html
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