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24603Re: Comment on the dispute in the DSP leadership

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  • Kim B
    Dec 23, 2005
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      Stevie darling... oh my goodness, you are a squeal aren't you!! . Your upset about the "use of personal abuse" saying that use of such is a sign of political bunkruptcy.  Oh dear Stevie, have you introduced the kettle to the pot lately?
      I do recall this thread starting with you refering to comrade Dave as Riley, "the disgrace of spies".  Now Stevie darling, a bit of advice... when you actually post a post that contains something then other petulance and acrimonious name calling against the DSP, its comrades and anyone who supports us then perhaps then you have the right to chastise someone else about personal abuse and political bankruptcy. 
      And yes, this is getting silly, so I will stop wasting bandwith, but in case you aren't clear... the reason that I refuse to engage with you on a proper political level is that youo have proven over the past year or so on this list, your entire raison de'tre as I said is to prove that the DSP is the "first evil", so what is the point of engaging with a person is so rabid and blinded by his hatred of his former party.   
      As I said, it really is quite sad to watch some so caught up in his own personal demons.

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