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24590Re: Comment on the dispute in the DSP leadership

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  • glparramatta
    Dec 23, 2005
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, Kim B <red_april65@y...>

      Why is it that those who declare that the DSP is irrelevant, the
      Socialist Alliance is useless and whatever we decide doesn't make
      rat's arse of difference spend so much time writing long-winded
      treatises that seem to indicate otherwise. This could be perhaps
      called the Gould Paradox: the more one believes the DSP is finished,
      the more time and energy one spends writing ever more frequent and
      longer articles about it. I'm afraid Gould et al. have become
      cyber-stalkers of the DSP.

      When Gould, Watermelon Ed, Adler and now Doug Jordan actually build
      something of real consequence on the left we might listen. But they've
      got nothing to show for it, except a strange all-consuming obsession
      with the DSP and its members who cross swords with them. Just look at
      the Ozleft home page.

      Please Bob, Watermelon, Doug J and anybody else, show us how your
      decades-long patient work deep, deep, deep within the Labor Party,
      more recent anonymity within the Greens, or the Thumb-Twiddling
      Federation has advanced the left in this country.

      If you can't point to anything, and dear old Bob and Watermelon Ed
      have refused many such requests in past (I don't know what Doug J has
      achieved or has been doing for the last decade or so, but if Kim has
      never heard of him, I suspect it is didley squat), I suggest you
      bitter souls concentrate your precious, waning energy on achieveing
      something in there rather than on crude, sectarian splitting and
      wrecking operations.


      [Doug Jordan] states:
      > "However, the vast majority of my politically active friends know
      nothing, and don't care, about looking at the vast amount of material
      that this debate has produced. This alone should be enough to convince
      people that the debate will do nothing towards the building of a
      broadly based movement in defence of our rights, or building a mass
      political alternative to the Liberal and Labor parties".
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