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24586Re: Comment on the dispute in the DSP leadership

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  • Kim B
    Dec 23, 2005
      Ah as I said before Lewis, Gould, Adler and co are always good for a giggle.  Looks like a new member has been added to the troope to add to our amusement ....
      My first reaction I suppose is....Doug Jordan?  Hmmm, who the hell he is?..... Obviously some disgruntled exmember... My second reaction was.....yawn....and yawn again....
      Do these people ever get a life after the DSP?... .Obviously not!  Like the anarchist wannabees that seem to haunt the student conferences around the country rather then spending their time doing something useful, they would rather spend their times devising and writing "shit sheets" ..... again, yawn.....
      But what the heck, its xmas, so lets humour Doug shall we.... Now not sure how long ago our Doug left the DSP but guess it has been long enough for him to forget anything he might have learnt about revolutionary politics and dialectics when he states:  
      "However, the vast majority of my politically active friends know nothing, and don't care, about looking at the vast amount of material that this debate has produced. This alone should be enough to convince people that the debate will do nothing towards the building of a broadly based movement in defence of our rights, or building a mass political alternative to the Liberal and Labor parties".
      Hmmm, well darn it Doug, why didn't you say so earlier .... would have saved us years of trouble.....
      Okay comrades, guess thats it... pack up your kit bags, pack it in, fold the tent, fold  the party. There is absolutely no reason for existing any more... apparently Doug's friends on the left don't care about our internal debate (and if they don't care, what the hell are we having it for, I ask you.... darn, darn, darn!!)
      But before we do fold up our tent and move on, I want to suggest that Doug, Bob, Ed, Greg and co, who seem to be salavating at the possible impending doom of the DSP (oooh, what's that I hear .... a hysterical evil laugh of self satisfication eminating from Ozleft) that they pick up a copy of excellent book, Lenin and the Revolutionary Party by Paul Le Blanc.
      As part of my annual summer indulgence, where I have a week or two, to laze around and do nothing except read to my hearts content, I am re-reading for about the third time,  Le Blanc's book. 
      In it Le Blanc notes that the Bolshevik organisation like any revolutionary party is "a living organism" and that....
      "Like any living organism, the Bolshevik organisation was characterised by a particular set of tensions within itself as well as between it and the larger social reality.  These tensions gave it a vibrancy and generated growth,causing the organisation to go through quite different phases of development.  The organisation can not be adequately understood as a revolutionary force unless it is understood in this way"  (pg 9)
      In addition he notes:
      "It is important to recall that Bolshevism had gone through quite a number of internal debates before 1917 ....(pg9)
      Wow, what a shock, the Bolsheviks had internal discussions, differences and tensions but hell .... they still managed to go on to build movements to defend civil liberties, workers right and shock,horror, did you know despite their internal tensions and differences at time, they even managed to lead the first proletarian revolution. 
      Wow, who would have guessed! 
      Hmmm, it seems, we can't be in too bad a company after all ... On second thoughts, comrades, re-strike that tent... we are not going anywhere yet!!

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