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24583Re: Comment on the dispute in the DSP leadership

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  • Ed Lewis
    Dec 23, 2005
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      This point of Doug Jordan's is a pretty good one, too.

      "The major question that seems not to asked in this current debate is
      why so few people have joined Socialist Alliance. Even if we accept
      the figure of 1000 that is claimed as membership, that is only a small
      percentage of the number of radicals who stand to the left of the ALP.
      In each of our major centres in Australia there would be at least two
      to three times this number of potential members who have refused to
      join Socialist Alliance but who continue to be political active in the
      mass movements as independents. It is easy for the DSP and its
      supporters to dismiss critics of its actions, like Bob Gould, Greg
      Adler, Ed Lewis, and no doubt Michael Schembri, as hopeless sectarians
      who are not seriously committed to building a multi-tendency socialist
      party, but in reality the criticisms of the DSP and its role within
      Socialist Alliance came from a large number of individuals who had no
      previous experience either with the DSP, or indeed any other political

      And as for agent Riley, disgrace of spies, when are you going to
      explain your deception perpetrated on the independent members of the
      Socialist Alliance, Dave? Pretending to be an independent when you
      really had applied to join the DSP is a very dishonest manoeuvre
      against your own comrades, or weren't the Socialist Alliance members
      really comrades? It only makes sense if you thought the only real
      comrades were in the DSP.

      Apparently it didn't take long for some of the Socialist Alliance
      independents to see through your sham and urge you to lay your cards
      on the table, but you refused. Really Dave, you have no credibility at
      all until you explain this.
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