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24581Re: Comment on the dispute in the DSP leadership

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  • alanb1000
    Dec 23, 2005
      "Ed Lewis" wrote:
      > I thought Doug's comparison of the DSP and CPA at the age of about 40
      > was interesting:

      I remember a bunch of us sitting around back in about 1990 talking
      about this kind of thing.

      Frankly, there wasn't that much more that could have been achieved. By
      the mid 80s at least, the tide was running very strongly against us.
      And earlier on the CPA was still a major force.

      The situation wasn't one where the Left could have broken through
      except in the rather fuzzy form of the Greens. (And, incidentally, the
      Greens are actually more prone to expelling oppositionists than the

      So, yeah, a sense of proportion and modesty should be maintained, but
      that's not the same as self-flagellation.

      Aside from that, my cookie-cutter comment still stands.
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