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24425Re: The struggle in the DSP

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  • Nick Fredman
    Dec 17, 2005
      "Ed Lewis" <ozleft@o...>
      > Another question, Dave Riley:
      > When will the Lorimer-Percy amendments to the DSP perspectives
      > document for the Socialist Alliance appear in Socialist Voices, or on
      > the GLW site?

      Maybe about the same time that the "Members Area" of the Greens site
      http://www.greens.org.au/ is open to public, and all minutes etc of all
      internal discussions in the Greens are likewise publicly available.
      I've never seen *any* internal discussion in the Greens (of which our
      Ed I presume is still a member).

      Not that I'm particularly interested or think such a thing would be
      particularly useful*, but the point is the credibility and consistency
      of Ed and his constant strident demands. You might have more
      credibility as someone consistently interested in "open debate on the
      left", and not a DSP-phobic gossip-monger (want some salsa to go with
      that big chip on your shoulder, Ed?), when you launch a public campaign
      to change the "closed caucus" nature of the Greens. I wait with

      * While it may be amusing and possibly enlightening to read about
      alleged secret schemes by the Queensland Greens to launder developer
      money through the Lismore Rainforest Information Centre, so the NSW
      could bypass their donation rules,
      boilermakergreens.print.html , such things are fairly marginal to the
      nature of the Greens and how socialists should relate to them. Or so we
      hope, because we don't see any internal discussions.
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