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24089Moderator's note on "political violence"

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  • Margaret A
    Dec 10, 2005
      Dear list members,

      Accusations of support for political violence have been made on this list.
      No justification has been actually offered for these accusations.

      I have reviewed all of the postings on this matter and do not believe
      that any political violence was advocated by any party. Metaphorical
      terms have been used, and are clearly not intended to be seen as
      anything but that.

      Accusations such as these are libelous and are not acceptable on this list.
      This is not constructive comradely behaviour and I will remove anyone
      from this list who persists in these postings.

      As list owner, I am reponsible for this discussion forum, and I will not
      put this discussion list (or myself) jeopardy by these accusations.

      I would urge comrades on this list to think carefully about what they
      allege to be the beliefs or behaviour of others.

      Margaret A.

      bobgould987 wrote:

      >Norm Dixon, who is, or at least was, in normal day-to-day discourse, a
      >rather mild-mannered bloke, has morphed into a noisy cyberspace
      >factional warrior in the interests of the rather irresponsible Boyle
      >faction of the DSP leadership.
      >Dixon tries to defend the indefensible, passing off the clearly
      >violent undertone in the heading of Alex Miller's post as a matter of
      >little consequence.
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