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23784DSP NE statement on CPGB article 'DSP split over future'

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  • Pip Hinman & Peter Boyle
    Dec 1, 2005
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      DSP National Executive statement in response to the article “DSP split
      over future” by Greg Adler published in Weekly Worker (the newspaper of
      the Communist Party of Great Britain) 603 Thursday December 1, 2005:

      The publication by the CPGB and former Australian Socialist Alliance
      member Greg Adler of selected and out-of-context quotations from the
      internal discussion being held in the Democratic Socialist Perspective
      in the lead-up to its congress in January 2006 is a calculated and
      malicious attempt to destroy the modest progress in regrouping the left
      made by the Socialist Alliance over the last four years.

      The DSP membership, like the membership of any Socialist Alliance
      affiliate, has the right to have a frank internal discussion about the
      DSP’s perspectives towards the Alliance. Since the inception of the
      Alliance and prior to every DSP congress our members have always
      participated in a frank discussion about these relations.

      The DSP has been the strongest builder of the Socialist Alliance and has
      made great sacrifices to advance this left regroupment project. It also
      has an unblemished record of operating constructively, democratically
      and collaboratively within the Alliance. Unfortunately, the same cannot
      be said of Greg Adler.

      In the DSP’s internal discussion, a variety of views are expressed by
      members. None of them should be equated with the views of the DSP, even
      if these are views expressed by individuals holding leadership positions
      in the DSP.

      The DSP remains completely committed to building the Socialist Alliance
      and a broad, multi-tendency socialist party project. Any change in this
      position will be promptly reported to the Socialist Alliance and
      announced publicly.

      DSP National Executive
      Friday, December 02, 2005
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