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22031Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: DSP racism in Marrickville by-election "analysis"

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  • Peter Boyle
    Sep 21, 2005
      It is not racist to note the fact that the ALP seeks to maintain its
      voter base in various migrant communities through patronage,
      manipulation and bullying because it does. Politics in these communities
      tends to follow the brokerage pattern. The game is to capture the
      brokers and capture the vote. There are many examples of this. A
      particularly pungent incident which sticks in my mind is a exchange I
      witnessed between left-wing Turkish community leaders and the disgusting
      and the racist fomer ALP shadow immigration minister Laurie Ferguson. It
      was in the 1980s and the ALP was in federal government. The community
      had brought one of their political leaders from Turkey to meet Ferguson
      and other pollies. But Ferguson shatters the mood of solidarity with a
      rude lecture to the Turkish comrades along the lines of "Deliver your
      community's votes your your community centres won't get funded".

      The ALP's racism is not a matter of a few nasty individuals but is based
      on policies that are racist and reinforce racism in Australia.
      Ferguson's notorious racism, witnessed by many refugee rights activists
      (I've spoken to a few people who have taken individual political asylum
      cases to that racist creep) was but a sideshow to the former ALP
      government's introduction of indefinite mandatory detention without
      trial of asylum seekers (including children) who have entered Australia
      illegally. Kim Beazley's notorious outburst about "subhuman filth"
      following the London bombings flows from the ALP's embrace of the racist
      and imperialist Australian-US alliance.

      Frank Sartor's "get your black-arse down here" comment to the Aboriginal
      Housing Company's Mick Mundine was but a peek at the bullying, bribing
      and intimidation that has systematically being used by racist Liberal
      and Labor governments in dealing with the Aboriginal community. Indeed
      there are a number of academic studies about racism and brokerage in
      Aboriginal community politics (someone else on the list might know some
      references). Another disgusting peek at the racism of the ALP comes out
      in the Latham Diaries (p. 369):

      "Monday, 1 November [2004]

      "Lunch with [Mark] Arbib at Azuma's in Sydney.It's interesting to listen
      to these machine guys: they live in a world of non-stop political
      manoeuvres and gossip, no structured thoughts about making society
      better. Their points of referene in public life are polling and focus
      groups. And so it is with Arbib. Some snippets from him...

      "The focus groups also show thatb it's popularto bash the blacks: 'You
      need to find new issues, like atacking land rights, get stuck into
      politically correct Aboriginal stuff -- the punters love it'. Maybe he
      should have had lunch with Pauline Hanson, though not at Azuma's."

      Peter Boyle
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