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22013DSP racism in Marrickville by-election "analysis"

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  • bobgould987
    Sep 21 6:44 AM
      DSP's rapid right-wing shift carries it into thoughtless, ugly racism

      By Bob Gould

      In the face of the clear difference in the social layers that
      variously voted Labor on the one hand and Green or Socialist Alliance
      on the other in the Marrickville by-election, the DSP leadership has
      now moved well and truly into Pauline Hanson and Monash Institute of
      Population Research territory.

      In response to the fact that the voting pattern makes it obvious that
      the ethnic communities in Marrickville, including the largish Muslim
      ethnic communities, overwhelmingly voted Labor, Pip Hinman advances
      this ugly piece of "analysis": "Labor also mobilised a range of ethnic
      speakers to person (carefully underlining her politically correct
      credentials) the booths to speak to the Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek and
      other communities about voting Labor. This was particularly apparent
      in Marrickville suburb, where the Greens didn't do as well given
      Labor's long-standing community ties (based on a combination of
      bullying, bribes and long-term loyalties)."

      This DSP leadership racism is straight out of the political arsenal of
      the most reactionary populist sections of the bourgeois press, such as
      the Sydney Telegraph.

      Ethnic communities are treated in this racist, reactionary mythology
      as passive victims of Labor manoeuvres, easily bribed. This, you see,
      is what happens when you get multiculturalism, the right-wing
      populists tell us. The ostensibly left-wing DSP, which is also crooked
      on multiculturalism, now says the same thing.

      If Pip Hinman so easily talks about bribes and intimidation, as the
      main reason why the overwhelming majority of NESB migrants tend to
      vote Labor, she has an obligation to be a good deal more specific.
      It's true that some of the more right-wing people in the Greens also
      make assertions of that kind, but they have enough brains, and
      probably enough decency, not to put them in print. Those
      considerations obviously don't apply to the DSP leadership.

      If Hinman claims that ethnic communities are bribed and intimidated on
      a large scale by Labor, which is also the accusation made by
      reactionary journalists, Pauline Hanson and others, all of these
      accusers should be specific about such allegations. Of course they
      never are because vile, racist slurs will do the job. They remain
      vile, racist slurs when they emanate from the DSP leadership.

      The reality of ethnic politics in Marrickville is quite different to
      the sinister, racist imputation that Hinman and the DSP leadership
      make. The various ethnic communities, in my observation, are energetic
      campaigners in their own interests and rights, and they tend to pursue
      those interests mainly through Labor because that's where they get the
      best response.

      There is, in fact, quite a substantial ethnic community membership in
      Labor branches in the Marrickville area, and the most notable presence
      is a large group of Aloites, a substantial Muslim community, mainly
      from Syria, but also to some extent from the southern part of Turkey
      and parts of Lebanon.

      Historically, the Aloites tend to be one of the more left-wing and
      secular groups in the Arab world, and those in the ALP branches are
      mainly secular. They have elected one of their leaders, Sam Iskander,
      as a Labor councillor, and he's an excellent councillor and
      significant leftist. The DSP leadership should look carefully where it
      is going and draw back from this ugly racism, which is dictated,
      clearly, by their sectarianism towards Labor.
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