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21890Marrickville by-election

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  • Marcus Ström
    Sep 18, 2005

      I'd be interested to hear from SA people how they think they went
      in the Marrickville by-election.

      To get 1.58% in arguably the most leftwing electorate in NSW
      seems to be an interesting result. The argument will run, of
      course, that this was squeezed due to the possibility of the
      Greens winning. If this is the case, why didn't the SA just
      campaign for a Green victory?

      The SA had to run, of course, or it would be seen to be visibly
      dead. But what now for the Socialist Alliance?

      It seems to me that if you are going to do any serious political
      work outside the ALP that has an electoral focus, it needs to be
      around the Greens.

      Marcus Strom
      (ALP member)

      First preference results:

      Goldstein (Christian Democrat) 920 (2.94%)

      Woodward (Independent) 283 (0.9%)

      McLachlan (Independent) 323 (1.03%)

      Tebbut (ALP) 15390 (49.14%)

      Byrne (Green) 12506 (39.93%)

      Bleicher (Democrats) 844 (2.7%)

      MacDonald 121 (0.39%)

      Thomson (Save our Suburbs) 436 (1.39%)

      Hinman (Socialist Alliance) 494 (1.58%)
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