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2066Re: Re Socialist Trade Union Organising Group

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  • paperclay_man
    Aug 17, 2003
      [MARXIST DEFINITIONS: 1a ]farce: Mixture of ground raw chicken and
      mushrooms with pistachios and truffles and onions and parsley and
      lots of butter and bound with eggs...

      For a more considerate take , subscribers to this list should read
      the analysis of the SA in the latest edition of the Socialist Party's
      newspaper --which also includes an interview with Chris Cain -- a
      member of the national leadership body of the 'farce'.(The journal
      devotes a page to the topic and that of a new workers party).

      Subscribers should also note that the SP international affiliates
      initiated the Socialist Alliance in Scotland and that the SP were
      active in the Welsh Socialist Alliance until very recently. They
      subsequently lost most of their Scottish comrades to the Alliance
      project there. For background on this read the files at:

      http://www.redflag.org.uk/ .

      So David Murray (and the SP) is talking from 'bitter' experince...

      Subscribers should note too that the newspaper article referred to is
      considerate of the SSP(Scottish) experience but criticises the
      project for letting go of the revolutionary party project. This is
      different from calling enterprises like this, at least the antipodean
      version, 'farces'. Read the full text at:


      While allowing for national differences, I think David Murray is
      demanding that the Socialist Alliance should be more succesful before
      the party here comes across,before it 'tests the waters' so to
      speak... This is different from saying that the project is premature,
      narrow or presumptuous as their newspaper article suggests the SA is -
      - but apparently the STUOC is not.

      So it behoves the SA to be more succesful than it has been --least
      ways so the Socialist Party can afford to be interested in it. And
      that's fair. It's OK for anyone to demand that a certain threshold be
      attained before they commit. But I should point out that the SA has
      been succesful enough for all the founding affiliates --bar the
      Socialist Alternative (who left very early on)-- to stick with the
      project. Indeed, the only 'main' groups outside the project at the
      present time are Socialist Alternative, the SP of course, and the
      list of parties that Murray says do better at elections.

      So the term "farce" -- can only have culinary or political meaning in
      a broader emotional or empirical context.

      MT Void.
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