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2063Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re Socialist Trade Union Organising Group

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  • david murray
    Aug 17, 2003
      Paul, I said that the STUOG was broad based. I didn't
      say it was a powerful organisation which is preparing
      to put up the barricades.

      As opposed to the 'farcical' Socialist Alliance:

      * initiated by 8 socialist organisations, now with
      around 2000 financial members and I believe (at last
      count) around
      30 branches, but could be more....new branches are
      being formed on the Central Coast of NSW, in parts of
      Brisbane, and
      are being looked to in the Blue Mountains.

      I'd love to meet these 2000 supposed members, or were
      they just names recruited to get you electoral
      8 organisations. the DSP and the neutered ISO and a
      few mates, wow how could we be so wrong.
      You have been building in the Blue Mountains for three
      years, does it finally constitute a branch? Wow you
      are now breaking up your Brisbane branches. I wonder
      if the working class of Brisbane will notice?
      Then again if the working class comes to power without
      any involvement from the Socialist Alliance, people
      like Paul will still be lauding it as a success.

      * Joined by militant unionists across the country
      including Chris Cain (state secretary, MUA WA), Craig
      (former state secretary Victorian AMWU, leader within
      the militant Workers First group), Naomi Arrowsmith
      secretary Port Kembla branch of ALP and NSW CPSU
      organiser), plus the likes of the best known
      Australian marxist
      Humphrey Macqueen, left comedian Rod Quantock, Peggy
      Trompf (workers health centre Sydney)....this is a
      INADEQUATE list - across the country militant
      unionists are joining SA - a recent forum in Sydney,
      not particularly
      well built, attracted around 70 people, including
      someone from a new grouping 'Construction Workers
      First' which are
      challening the rotten Andrew Furguson leadership of
      the CFMEU in NSW - CWF are looking to join up members
      to SA.

      Congratulations pat on the back Paul. What about other
      left leaders like Martin Kingham and Bill Game, and
      thousands of other left-wing workers and unionists at
      varying degrees of socialist conscious who have never
      heard of, or will have nothing to do with the
      Socialist Alliance? How will Chris Cain fare in the WA
      union movement, if he is identified with a highly
      unneccessary and ultra-left challenge? Isn't that a
      pure example of dividing the left?
      Good to hear someone is challenging the old guard at
      the CFMEU.

      * SA members are leading struggles currently (I am
      most familiar in Sydney) in: Tafe/PSA work; various
      work of the NTEU; building rank and file opposition in
      AMWU; have just run as part of successful opposition
      ticket in
      MUA (SA member Shane Bentley receiving 44% versus
      decades incumbent Robert Coombes); in the Teachers
      Fed; and recently
      as part of the opposition to the ABC attacks.

      Paul, do you mean leading or maneuvring DSP style?

      Who is attacking the Socialist Alliance? The only
      thing I can think of is the BNB thing (which could
      largely be avoided if the rallies were properly

      Few Questions for Paul?

      If you are the beacon of working class unity, why are
      you rarely heard of outside the cappuccino centres of
      the capital cities?
      If you are so advanced and popular, why do you
      continually fail to break the glass ceiling of 2% in
      elections? Why are smaller left formations like the
      PLP, CPA and SP scoring better in many cases? And why
      can't you even beat old DSP results?
      Why do the majority of organised socialists remain
      outside it?
      Why are the Greens able to gain more from anti-war
      sentiment than the Socialist Alliance despite its
      domination in the organising process in some cities?
      Why are Socialist Alternative able to mobilise up to
      60 people to their regular public meetings?

      Complete farce Paul by anyones standards.


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