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2049Re: Re Socialist Trade Union Organising Group

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  • alanb1000
    Aug 17, 2003
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      Paul Benedek wrote:
      > Put simply, the Alliance is a challenge to the ALP - the tiny STUOG
      > does not appear to be - and the extent to which it splits socialist
      > forces, its a gift to those who like to see us divided.

      What this suggests is that the Alliance needs to take a friendly
      stance to the STUOG, aimed at ending the division.

      If the STUOG is successful in attracting serious forces and people, it
      is likely that this will be possible. If the STUOG is a sectarian
      plaything, it will not be.

      Either way, the Alliance should not, under any circumstances, become
      "the problem" - that is, erect needless obstacles to collaboration and
      possible unity.

      Of course, that doesn't tell us everything we need to know about what
      to do in situations like the WA ETU election, unfortunately. Making
      choices in such situations can be difficult, and errors are possible.
      Obviously, people who are on the ground and familiar with the
      situation are going to be primarily responsible for such choices, so
      we will be dependent on them getting it right. That's fine, of course,
      because being able to make such choices is one of the skills a
      political activist (leader) needs to develop, and if they make
      mistakes in doing so, that's how they will learn.

      One of the tasks of projects like the Socialist Alliance, and
      hopefully the STUOG, is unleashing the full potential of the members
      of the socialist movement - to allow them to become genuine, rather
      than merely potential, leaders of the working class. This will
      necessarily involve a certain amount of trial and error.

      It would be good if the STUOG is successful. Serious people will
      recognise other serious people. Let's make sure that the Socialist
      Alliance are serious people!

      Alan Bradley
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