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2039Re: Re Socialist Trade Union Organising Group

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  • alanb1000
    Aug 16, 2003
      Regardless of anything else, I think that the Socialist Alliance needs
      to find out what the STUOC project is about.

      If the GLW stance on the WA ETU elections is a problem, then the
      approach should be made by other people in the SA. The SA is more than
      just the DSP, and this needs to be made clear.

      The SA project is going to need to ally with other forces besides what
      it itself presently contains, and maybe here are some candidates. Or
      maybe not - either way, the point is to find out what is going on.

      The SA is not a finished project. It can't just sit around saying
      "Here we are! Join us!" anymore than its affiliates can. It needs to
      actively explore what other forces are out there, identify any
      problems and differences, and see what can be done to resolve them.
      This may in fact involve sacrificing its present organisational form
      in the same way that the existing grouplets are eventually going to
      have to sacrifice theirs...

      That is, the Socialist Alliance itself is going to have to form
      alliances, and is in fact merely one step in a longer journey towards
      a functioning workers' party.

      And, yes, personally, I'm going to be in the Greens for a while, along
      with most of my local collaborators, because I'm not going to set up a
      one man band in opposition to them.

      Alan Bradley
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