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20140Re: Barry Sheppard's two visits to Sydney in 1969

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  • Ed Lewis
    Jul 19, 2005
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      >I don't actually see them as all that bizarre. After all, it's easy to
      see why Sheppard would want to talk to as many people as possible to
      see what they think, and why he would want to do so in private. Doing
      so formally might seem a little odd, but then, the alternative is
      doing so informally. Which is more democratic?>

      Could you explain a bit more about the democracy of this situation,
      Alan? In particular, who elected (or what democractically elected body
      appointed) Sheppard to play this role in Australia?

      I can understand how a director casting a play or a movie, or an
      employer hiring an accountant or a cleaner, might adopt such a
      procedure, but claiming that it has anything to do with democracy
      seems to indicate a novel approach to democracy. You probably should
      share this concept with the world.
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