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20136Re: Barry Sheppard's two visits to Sydney in 1969

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  • alanb1000
    Jul 19 3:50 PM
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      Ambrose Andrews wrote:
      > Phil Ferguson:
      > > I found the account of Sheppard's royal emissary visit to
      > > Australia in 1969, and his conducting of one-on-one 'interviews'
      > > with members of the Australian group absolutely bizarre.
      > Phil doesn't make it clear what it is about Sheppard's behaviour in
      > 1969 he finds bizarre. I guess it's supposed to be obvious but I
      > don't see it I must admit.

      The one-on-one interviews seem to be the only example given.

      I don't actually see them as all that bizarre. After all, it's easy to
      see why Sheppard would want to talk to as many people as possible to
      see what they think, and why he would want to do so in private.

      Doing so formally might seem a little odd, but then, the alternative is
      doing so informally. Which is more democratic? Should Sheppard have
      pretended that he wasn't having private conversations with everybody?
      Or shouldn't he have spoken to everyone? Wasn't the whole point of his
      visit to find out what was going on? How else was he going to do it?

      OK, the situation was a bit funny, but I'm not sure how else it could
      have been handled.
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