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19669IR campaign debates (was Re: What Bob Gould fails to mention)

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  • chen9692000
    Jul 6, 2005
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      >> --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Lewis"
      >><ozleft@o... wrote:
      > >
      > > Are you telling me there's argy bargy at Unions NSW, Nick, and
      > > were different opinions on how to organise the protests, whether
      > > there should be stopworks, etc? And here I was thinking Labour
      > > Council heavies sat around holding hands and sipping cups of
      > > herbal tea.<snip>

      Just a quick comment while I am on my lunch break. I think what Ed's
      pointing to here is important - that mass workers organisations are
      complex and how small groups of activists relate to them is often too
      simplistic. That said

      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Boyle"
      <peterb@g...> wrote:


      >- Unions NSW's Workers Online editorial
      > <http://workers.labor.net.au/270/editorial_editorial.html>

      and commenting that the Unions NSW campaign is "extremely
      conservative and defeatist".

      This seems much in tune with the Bill Shorten comments I quoted
      earlier that this is an "800 day campaign" to the next election. The
      union commentators seem cautious but Peter suggests there is a broad
      sentiment for "mass industrial action". Apart from the casual
      comments that Kim and others overheard at these meetings:

      How do we know that this sentiment is so broad? What framework can be
      used to give it expression?
      Even if some workers are keen to flex their muscles at this early
      stage would this be a useful move in stopping the new IR reforms?
      Even at their best UnionsNSW would only be able to mobilise what 1/3
      of workers (I assume union coverage is about that level) so there's a
      lot of variables to think about if one is conducting a real
      industrial campaign. Don't get me wrong obviously the voices we are
      hearing are more conservative but what exactly are militant voice in
      Union NSW saying? I understand that the Victorian unions are more
      militant but they are not advocating mass industrial action at this
      stage are they?

      > Now the Workers Online editorial tells us that further mass
      > industrial/political action will bring diminishing...

      Actually what he said was that such protests bring "diminishing
      returns" which may well be the case depending on the real mood of the



      PS I have taken Mike Berrell's posts about Beasley vs Latham under
      advisance. Will respond when I have looked at it some more
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