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19664[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: What Bob Gould fails to mention

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  • Nick Fredman
    Jul 6, 2005
      Ed Lewis:

      >Nick, I ignored your questions the first time because they were a
      >corny attempt at a diversion,

      No they were an attempt to get back to the main issue. If you think
      the key issue is not the forms of struggle against the whole package
      of changes, but the transfer of powers from the states, we'll have to
      agree to disagree and see what happens, but maybe you should
      recognise that no-one in the world besides the state premiers, some
      of the more parochial WA Liberals and Bob Gould seems to agree with
      you on this point.

      >but now that it's fairly clear that the DSP doesn't
      >have a position on the transfer of powers

      And how exactly is this clear, Ed, when it's been stated repeatedly,
      in GLW and elsewhere, that the DSP opposes in toto the whole package
      of laws, and it's been stated nowhere, that is supports such a
      transfer of powers? Maybe you should let this ridiculous
      non-argument, and diversion, die a natural death.

      >Do I think democratic meetings are good? Yes. Are street marches
      >okay? Yes.

      I'll glad you agree with the approach of Socialist Alliance members
      (and before you and Gould further pursue your auto-DSP bashing maybe
      you should consider there isn't a any perceivable difference DSP
      members and the considerably larger number of other SA members
      involved in this campaign), many Greens members, ALP members and
      independent union militants, that was clearly different from the
      dominant faction in Unions NSW,the lead up to June 30/July 1 and on
      the days. It's hard to see then why you were so outraged by the
      discussion on this list about the outcome of this perspective, unless
      it was provocative flaming.

      >It looks to me like you've picked up a bit of static from a few
      >people who were involved in those discussions

      which included leading activists in the NTEU, Teachers Fed and the
      ASU (that I directly know of), as well as the Greens and others Norm
      mentioned involved in the rank and file committee, handing out the
      alternative motions etc - as opposed to the evidence you've presented
      for your Panglossian view that everything is perfect and we mustn't
      grumble, which is zip.
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