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19617[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: What Bob Gould fails to mention

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  • Nick Fredman
    Jul 5, 2005
      Ed Lewis:

      Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 00:13:29 -0000
      Subject: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: What Bob Gould fails to mention

      >As for your apolitical personal abuse, and that of Norm Dixon and Nick
      Fredman. My only observation is that it's a clear sign that you can't
      >handle political argument...

      If you think that my proposition that your ridiculous claims that DSP
      members where the only people in all of NSW that had any criticisms
      of the July 1 actions, for which you not only gave no evidence but
      ignored the ample evidence to the contrary presented by me and Norm,
      where either based on ignorance or where a lie, was abuse, I'm very
      sorry that you're so thin-skinned Ed. If you're so interested in
      political argument Ed, maybe you should get off your high horse and
      answer some of the very pertinent direct questions I put to you,
      which I'll repeat, along with my evidence, for your convenience just
      in case you missed them:

      If you had any involvement in
      any organising body involved in any of the protest meetings (as we
      might agree to call them), would you have supported moves to ensure
      there was discussion and the possibility of moving amendments and
      alternative motion, against the specific orders of Unions NSW? If
      not, how would have argued against this, that such things are
      irrelevant, counterproductive, or what? Would you have also followed
      the wisdom of John Robertson Thought for the May 27 delegates
      meetings, which had the same strictures, unlike in other states?
      Would you have opposed a street march following the July 1 meetings,
      opposed by Robertson until days before Friday?

      That'll probably do to make your position clearer, but I'd be also
      interested, if you think such moves were irrelevant, as seems to be
      the case, whether you've got any actual evidence for this, besides
      your own opinion, because I've got substantial evidence to the
      contrary from our corner of the campaign. At the May 27 meeting in
      Lismore the convenor, an ASU organiser, former national union leader
      and ALP member, openly said the restrictions on debate were best
      ignored and he facilitated an enthusiastic discussion that lead to
      unanimous agreement of the 100+ delegates there for a call for an
      official stop work on July 1, the formation of a local committee,
      and a street march on the day. Did this help or hinder the campaign,
      Ed? The 20 or so people who've been to one or more of the organising
      meetings since were all very concerned about discussion and debate on
      July 1, annoyed that the telecast went for a whole hour leaving few
      options for discussion, and were amazed that until there the last
      week there seemed to be no march planned in Sydney. The
      aforementioned ASU organiser (who's very much part of the upper
      Unions NSW loop), was very open about the big fights going about
      these tactical questions all through June (such as sharp debate at
      the Teachers Fed Council about a stop work, and the earlier call,
      before July 1 was definite, by the NTEU NSW executive to organise
      industrial action and rallies on June 30 in NSW). To claim this is
      all an obsession of the DSP is either utter ignorance or a
      self-interested lie, Ed.
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