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19608Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: What Bob Gould fails to mention

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  • Peter Perkins
    Jul 5, 2005
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      What Bob also doesnt understand is that Federal Legislation (Workplace
      Relations Act) already overides State Government industrial legislation.

      If he bothered to read the NSW Industrial Relations Act he would realise
      there is little difference for workers between the Federal and State
      Acts. Jeff Shaws rewriting of the NSW Act was to bring it into line and
      compliance with the Federal Act. It was not an act of benevolence on
      behalf of Shaw or Della Bosca.

      The rewriting of OH&S, Workcover and Workers Compenstaion Acts is a
      similar line of bastardry that is a kick in the face for workers and is
      a backhander to Insurance Companies and the business end of town. They
      privatised it - remember? Dont ram this shit that flows from your poison
      pen down our working class throats Bob, we really do know better.

      The NSW government has gone futher than any other to keep workers on
      their knees. Just ask anyone in Macquarie Fields, they will set you
      straight. For thats where injured and sick workers end up.

      Peter Perkins
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