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19583Re: Please don't feed the trolls

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  • alanb1000
    Jul 5 12:39 AM
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      "stuartmunckton" wrote:
      > The arguments get so absurd as to be pointless, They are not based
      > on anything real just ridiculous frame-ups of which Ed Lewis's
      > bizzare fantasy that the DSP is in a untied front with Howard over
      > federal control of industrial relation laws is just the latest.
      > Serioulsy, haven't we made our opposition to the IR laws as clear
      > as could be? Where have we said in Green Left - oppose Howard's IR
      > laws, except for the bits that centralise industrial relations in
      > the hands of the federal government.

      I don't know... there's a certain deranged beauty about this argument.

      It's based on a highly convoluted interpretation of little or no
      evidence, and ends up as a wonderful piece of perfect nonsense. It
      takes a special kind of mind to create arguments like this. It is a
      reminder that Bob (who originated it) is a former member of the SLL,
      a tendency with a real history of eccentricity.

      It's just sad that Ed Lewis bought into it.
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