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19579Re: Please don't feed the trolls

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  • glparramatta
    Jul 4, 2005
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "stuartmunckton"
      <stuartmunckton@y...> wrote:
      > --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "glparramatta"
      > <glparramatta@g...> wrote:
      > > Well, Ed,
      > >
      > > Nick Fredman has clearly explained that the DSP does not have such a
      > > position. It is a figment of your and Bob Gould's imaginations.
      > I really fail to iunderstand the point of debating with people who
      > clearly have absolutely no respect for the truth.

      Hi Stuart,

      I can certainly understand your frustration with this, especially
      since Bob Gould and his sidekick Ed Lewis' dishonesty and
      misrepresentation of the DSP and Socialist Alliance's positions seem
      to amplify with every post. I sometimes think I do have better things
      to do (like earning a living!) than arguing with Gould.

      (Lewis on the other hand, who has shown himself to be devoid of any
      comradely respect for this list, I agree, should not be bothered with.)

      And if it was just a debate with Bob, I would have stopped months ago.
      But there are 685 people on this list, and the debate about
      socialists' tactics toward the united front is an important one. And
      while Bob Gould's approach to debate is certainly annoying, he is not
      alone on the left in holding a ``don't criticise Labor'' position.

      I think we owe it to those listmembers out there following the debate
      to clarify the political issues involved, in as comradely and
      educational fashion as possible. Sometimes we can forget that and
      respond to the obvious provocations.

      But if we keep politics up front, and clear, it is worthwhile to
      continue the debate.

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