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19575Please don't feed the trolls

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  • stuartmunckton
    Jul 4, 2005
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "glparramatta"
      <glparramatta@g...> wrote:
      > Well, Ed,
      > Nick Fredman has clearly explained that the DSP does not have such a
      > position. It is a figment of your and Bob Gould's imaginations.

      I really fail to iunderstand the point of debating with people who
      clearly have absolutely no respect for the truth. I mean seriosuly,
      Gould is trying to compare the DSP's position to the Stalinist third
      period line. In that time, the Stalinists refused to work with social
      democrats, who they denounced as social fascists. The DSP does nothing
      of the sort, works with ALP members all the time. How could Socialist
      Alliance pulled off an initiatve like the Fightback conference if we
      had a position equivilent to that of the Stalinists during their Third
      Period phase? We couldn't have because we had to work with ALP members
      rather than denounce them as social fascists in order to pull the damn
      thing off.

      How could Tim Gooden, a DSP member, have been elected Geelong Trades
      Hall secretary is he took the attitude of a Third Period Stalinist
      towards the ALP? He needed the votes of members of the ALP to get
      elected! If all he did was denounce them as social fascists they would
      be unlikely to do that. Tim Gooden has to work with ALP members ever
      day, working to help lead the trade union movement there along side them.

      Gould is just against any criticism of the ALP at all. He only
      mentions what suits his arguments. Is all the DSP do denounce the ALP?
      Did we denounce the Gallop ALP government in WA as social fascists
      when Gallop gave pubnlic servants the time off? No, we welcomed it as
      a positive move and called on other ALP governments to do the same -
      along with other union leaders who are in the ALP. But that all gets
      ignored and any criticism - like pointing out that the ALP won the NT
      elections in large part by playing the race card - gets presented as
      though that is *all* the DSP ever does.

      The arguments get so absurd as to be pointless, They are not based on
      anything real just ridiculous frame-ups of which Ed Lewis's bizzare
      fantasy that the DSP is in a untied front with Howard over federal
      control of industrial relation laws is just the latest. Nothing is
      enough. What is the DSP's position? Why don't the "DSP leadership",
      who apparantly have nothing better to do that sitting by their emails
      waiting for some new charge thrown up against them to answer -
      respond? Nick responds. Is that good enough? No. Why don't *any other*
      DSP members respond? What do they want? A statement signed by each
      individual member of the DSP? Serioulsy, haven't we made our
      opposition to the IR laws as clear as could be? Where have we said in
      Green Left - oppose Howard's IR laws, except for the bits that
      centralise industrial relations in the hands of the federal government.

      It is getting far too idiculous. The GL discussion site needs a
      flashing banner that reads "Please don't feed the trolls".

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