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19568Re: Fighting Howard's attacks

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  • glparramatta
    Jul 4, 2005
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "bobgould987"
      <bobgould987@y...> wrote:
      > By Bob Gould

      > To use the lingo favoured by the DSP, isn't there a strong possiblity
      > that the dynamic of Aboriginal struggles will carry the Aboriginal
      > Labor parliamentary representatives into campaigning for the interests
      > of Aboriginal communities? Why is it necessary to say they will
      > inevitably be absorbed when that hasn't happened, and something quite
      > different might happen because of pressure from the ranks of the
      > Aboriginal communities?
      > Socialists might even help such a process if they adopted some kind of
      > united front approach.

      Bob Gould repeats like a holy mantra that the Socialist Alliance and
      the DSP must form a ``united front'' with ``Labor'' but *never* tells
      us on what basis such a united front should formed. C'mon Bob, get

      When it is pointed out that socialists form united fronts with
      ``Laborites'' every day of the week *to fight* around key pro-working
      class demands, even with top Labor leaders and MPs on the rare
      occasions they are willing to support action to win basic progressive
      demands, he declares that that does not count.

      His conception seems to preclude any criticism of the policies of
      Labor-administered capitalist state governments, or those of
      pro-capitalist federal parliamentary leaders. The winning of
      ``Laborites'' to the need for more radical solutions, beyond than a
      slightly rewarmed reformism, is out of the question.

      Get specific Bob! What exactly would your united front's demands be.
      What sort of a criticisms would be acceptable in your united front.
      And would socialists be permitted to actively seek to build an
      leftwing political alternative to Labor, even as it pursues this
      united front?

      In the NT, very concretely, would the ``united front'' preclude
      criticism or campaigning against NT Labor's thinly veiled racist
      policies on ``drunks'', with those Indigenous people, inside or
      outside Labor, prepared to oppose them? How would such opposition be

      In NSW, does the ``united front'' with Carr Labor he envisages
      preclude criticism or campaigns against the Redfern police's racist
      attacks on the Aboriginal people, which Bob Carr's Labor government is
      unapologetic about, which include the killing of TJ Hickey? Does rule
      out any outrage at Carr's endorsement of the cop rampages in Macquarie

      C'mon Bob, get specific!

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