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19470Re: Fighting Howard's attacks

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  • Ed Lewis
    Jul 2, 2005
      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "dave_r_riley"
      <dhell2@o...> wrote:
      > Subscribers to this list who have to put up with Gould's
      > interminable DSP baiting on our paid for band width (surely Gould's
      > Bookstore should send a gratuity to GLW to subisidise its commerical
      > use of this facility) I note with horror that Gould no longer limits
      > his attacks to the certifiable bogeymen and bogeywomen of the
      > (spit!) "DSP leadership". etc, etc.

      Ha, ha! Great satire Dave. For the irony-challenged, Dave seems to be
      sending up the DSP trying to dodge the question by ad hominem attacks
      on Bob Gould and the way he earns a crust.

      Another top production of Life of Riley Enterprises Inc (or is that
      Pty Ltd?).
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