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19466Re: Fighting Howard's attacks

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  • kathynew1
    Jul 2, 2005
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      Bob Gould has still failed to answer any of the simple questions
      raised in this discussion:

      * Is the racist bullshit being promoted and implemented by the NT ALP
      government OK? Is it OK to remain silent about it?
      * How is it anti-working-class to attack the ALP government's racism?

      Bob doesn't answer these questions, because he can't. He retreats to
      using patronising charm to avoid the real issues (the flipside I
      guess of his usual viscious redbaiting slander). He lauds us for not
      saying nice things about the ALP. What a cop-out. Dead set - he first
      attacks us for raising a protest voice against their racist bullshit,
      then when he's backed into a corner by the facts of the matter his
      only response is "well at least you could also say something nice". A
      total bloody cop-out.
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