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19465Re: Fighting Howard's attacks

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  • dave_r_riley
    Jul 2, 2005
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      Subscribers to this list who have to put up with Gould's
      interminable DSP baiting on our paid for band width (surely Gould's
      Bookstore should send a gratuity to GLW to subisidise its commerical
      use of this facility) I note with horror that Gould no longer limits
      his attacks to the certifiable bogeymen and bogeywomen of the
      (spit!) "DSP leadership".

      Now it's open season on the "mainly European-descended cadres of the
      DSP" who obviously wouldn't know racism even if it bit them on their
      collective bare arsed pallid skinned behinds.

      So that no one suddenly becomes confused about what they're supposed
      to be really and truly concerned about, I'm sure what Bob Gould
      means is that Comrades Percy, Boyle and Dixon will still receive the
      abusive buffeting they obviously deserve --and that others, the
      DSP's sycophantic "ranks"-- mislead by god knows what fancies-- only
      get caught up in the cross fire.

      I'm sure Gould's Books Arcade apologises for this accidental
      barrage of "Friendly Fire" , and will in future ensure that Gould's
      Books Arcade (open 7 days a week from 8am to Midnight)will in future
      try much harder to focus more on the main game -- ie:

      (a) John Percy's aberrant history of anything you care to mention
      (b) The passionate 'Third Period Stralinism' of the above referred
      to "Troika" of diabolical Marxist posers.
      (c) Maligning and redbaiting anyone who comes in coo-ee of the DSP's
      mainly European-descended cadres or otherwise --such as, for
      instance, the Darwin "Long Grasses".
      (d) Turning a good profit from its range of print books, publishers
      remainders , and second hand books, catering to the general reader,
      students and some specialist areas.

      [How much are you worth now Bob in zeroes over six? Surely a little
      gratuity to Green Left Weekly would not be missed?]

      You'll also note that Fighting Howard's attacks is not one of
      Goulds Books Arcade's primary retail activities.

      dave riley
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