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19464Re: Fighting Howard's attacks

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  • bobgould987
    Jul 2 6:47 PM
      By Bob Gould

      I'm grateful for the calm tone of Kathy Newnam's respnse to my
      critique, despite the political differences between us. I'm impressed
      by a DSP activist who obviously has a sense of humour, as well. We'll
      have to stop barking at each other.

      You still don't address the question of what seems obvious to me, that
      the ALP, the trade unions and the indigenous communities in the NT are
      not one reactionary mass, and that there is clearly a left and right
      within those organisations.

      All I ever see from the DSP in the NT is exposure rhetoric. I'd be
      interested to know if you ever make non-sectarian approaches to the
      left of those organisations, or whether you simply demand that they
      ditch their Labor allegiances and accept the political leadership of
      the DSP.

      I am aware that from time to time DSP cadres in the NT do take a bit
      of notice of points made by others. A couple of years ago, when I
      raised the difficult question of the contradictory aspects of the
      demand for legalisation of heroin in the NT, given the interests of
      the indigenous communities, the DSP seemed to drop off from making
      that demand such a prominent part of its agitation.

      I raise these strategic questions not to be abusive towards DSP
      activists but to try to get a serious discussion going on important

      I'll be interested to see you see your further exposures of other ALP
      crimes, and I'd also be interested to know if ALP activists in the NT
      do anything of which you approve.

      Maybe we can continue this discussion when you've published your
      further material.

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